Would you like to:

Play music written especially for you and your friends?
Meet and work with the composer of that music?
Co-create an online game with your music and artwork?
Take part in a digital treasure hunt and performance?

You won't want to miss 

PlayTogether GO 2023!


Young musicians 
Local under-represented composers
A "digital/musical treasure hunt" inspired by Pokemon!

What is it?

PlayTogether Go is a unique and exciting new multi-media program, which debuted in Spring '22 with support from the Massachusetts and Wayland Cultural Councils. It features:

 PlayTogether GO 2022: "Between the Mountain and the Sea" group meets with Colombian composer Carmen Marulanda


Who’s it for?

All Metro-West instrument and voice students from late beginner to advanced - whether enrolled for private lessons here or elsewhere.

How does it work?

Participating students:

  • are grouped into small ensembles of 2-5 players of similar age and playing level
  • learn, rehearse and perform music written specially for their group by a local composer
  • have 9 weeks of faculty coaching on the music
  • meet their group’s composer in person in an informal 10th session, discussing why and how this person writes music, especially this new piece 
  • invent a video game character for their own musical part, creating a recording and artwork for the character which will become part of a video game competition on performance day

When does it start:

The registration deadline is Dec 9th 2022. Our composers then start composing! Rehearsals start February 2023.

When/how will it end?

In a fun public event on June 4th, 2023, for all families in the community!

  • Students will give the world premiere performance of their group’s music
  • Students’ invented characters will star in a Pokemon®-inspired event
  • The characters and their recorded music will be hidden all over the event's location 
  • Students, families, friends and community members will use their phones to search for and collect the hidden characters and music, to play an online game. 
  • All who complete the game will be entered in a raffle for fun prizes.  

What is so cool and unique about this program?

You will:

  • Play music written FOR YOU by your composer, targeted to your playing level!
  • Get expert professional coaching to bring your composer’s music to life
  • Meet your composer for a relaxed discussion about their music, creative process and challenges
  • Bring your video game character to life through a multi-media creation class
  • Support under-represented local composers and bring their music to your community

Who are the composers?  

We are specifically engaging locally-based composers from under-represented groups so that through personal connection, students can expand their awareness and appreciation of both who composes music, and why they do.

Last year's composers were Andrew Marshall, Tomoko IwamotoCharles Shadle, Tayja "T" Sallie, Jorge Ibanez and Carmen Marulanda. We are in active discussion with this year's composers and will announce them soon.

Our composers are excited to work with this new generation of young musicians! They are comfortable with young people, and skilled at writing for students with developing technique. 

 Composer Charles Shadle, enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation, works with his group on "Atalaya" ("Foundation")


How do I sign up?

Please fill out these two forms:

Registration form - select "PlayTogether GO"
PlayTogether Go Scheduling form - please include all the options on every day that works for you. 

We will contact you with a time for your group, and invoice you once confirmed.

Questions? Please email us at info@waylandmusic.com with "PlayTogether Go" as the subject line.

Program fee includes:

  • 9 weeks of ensemble coaching with our professional faculty
  • "meet my composer" visit with informal conversation and composer coaching
  • art/design class to create your game character
  • final community game event with digital treasure hunt and student ensemble performance

45 minute coaching sessions
(younger/less advanced students)

60 minute coaching sessions
(older/more advanced students)




 PlayTogether GO Spring 2022 Composers
(watch this space for Spring 2023 cohort!)