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What is our Mission?

First – providing outstanding quality instruction to all students, no matter how young or inexperienced. We believe that teacher quality is the key factor in making your musical experience a rewarding one right from the start – in terms of both enjoyment and progress.

Second – creating a warm and welcoming environment for all students, whatever their age, prior experience or musical goals.

For more on this, learn how we teach and how we got here .

What do we Offer?

Whether you have no experience or plenty, and whatever your musical aims - you'll find a teacher here who'll support you in achieving them, and perhaps also challenge you to reach for a little more.

Who are our Students?

Our students cover a wide range! They include:

  • Complete beginners, from age 3 up to our oldest beginner - so far! - of 82
  • Children and adults for whom music is an enjoyable enrichment activity
  • Serious and dedicated young musicians for whom music may play a significant part in their college applications or even career plans

Many are from Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, and Lincoln; but we’ve also welcomed students Natick, Framingham, Concord, Maynard, Stow, Wellesley, Millis, Southborough, Westborough, Woburn, Brighton and Boston. Our summer students have come from as far away as Texas, California and Taiwan!

Who are our Teachers?

At WSM, we require our teachers to have:

  • At least 10 years of professional teaching experience (the average is much more)
  • Serious professional performing credits with recognized ensembles

Our teachers bring a real and enduring passion for music into our classrooms, inspiring our students with a unique combination of enthusiasm and expertise.

They are established professional musicians, who choose to teach because they really love doing so. They are patient, skilled, dynamic and fun! Meet them at our Faculty page.

Violin Teacher

“Penny is an excellent musician and patient teacher who responds to the needs of her students whether it be an eight year or, as in my case, an 85 year old. I started playing the violin in grade school and more or less continued until I was in my second year of High School, at which point I decided I was too busy. It was not until approximately a year ago that decided that I would like to start playing again. I still had my old violin, had it repaired and purchased several beginning self teaching books which I went through and fairly quickly realized I needed a teacher.

It wasn't long after Penny accepted me as a student that she began challenging me with violin concertos by Vivaldi and Haydn, which I had never dreamed of attempting. She shares her wide knowledge of special techniques, that I never knew existed, which have brought the seemingly impossible within my grasp.”

– 85 year old student

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