You won't want to miss the Spring 2023 session of our multi-media program:

PlayTogether Go!


Featuring young musicians, local under-represented composers, and a digital game created with your art and recordings! 
Created by our multi-media specialist Allison Dobbs 
Visit the PlayTogetherGo program page to learn more - you won't want to miss this!

2022 Winter Recitals

Join us for one - or all eight - of our school-wide Winter Recitals!

Who: Students age 4 - adult, from new beginners to experienced performing artists!

 Where: Sudbury Goodnow Library (all recitals)

When and what: 

Saturday December 3rd 
1:30: strings (inc guitar), brass and piano
3:15: strings (inc guitar) and piano

Sunday December 4th
1:30: voice, strings and piano
3:15: voice, strings and piano

Thursday December
4:45: piano and strings (inc guitar)
6:45: strings (inc guitar) and piano

Saturday Decmeber 17th
1:30: , piano, strings (inc guitar), brass, voice
3:15: strings, brass