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Welcome to our Music for the Community page! Since we can't take our music out to local nursing homes and libraries at the moment, we're inviting you in to enjoy it here instead. Each day you'll find a new student performance on this page, along with some info about the composer or instrument - and sometimes words too so you can sing along. 

If you're interested in a particular category, you can sort performances by student age, instrument, singalong music, composer and so on - click on the orange tags under the text. We hope you and your family will enjoy watching our students share their music! 

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Thursday, June 25 2020 00:00

Day 59 - Cross Lake Blues

Violinist age 7 plays "Cross Lake Blues" by Joanne Martin

Parents are often surprised when we invite their very new beginner to play in an upcoming recital! But if the memory of your own childhood recitals makes your palms sweat - think again: our recitals are very supportive and festive events, where even students who’ve had only a few weeks of lessons can share pieces using just one or two notes, and find themselves enthusaistically celebrated for doing so. 

This jazzy piece from Joanne Martin’s “Magic Carpet” album is a favorite of our violin beginners, as all you need to play it is two open strings, A and E. In spite of that it’s a fun recital piece, and a great way to dip your toe into playing for an audience. Experiences like this get our students feeling comfortable right from the start with the idea of sharing their music with others - as you can see throughout this Music for the Community series. 

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Tuesday, June 09 2020 00:00

Day 47 - Lightly Row

Pianists age 6 and 8 play Lightly Row

This is a favorite of beginners everywhere, and we show it here with right hand only, then with hands together, so you can hear how the left hand adds lower, deeper tones (see also here). Like most of these singalong songs it has a  simple construction with a lot of similar material, making it easy to learn.
There are many singalong possibilities for Lightly Row! Here are a couple of more traditional ones:
(A1) Lightly row, lightly row, up the river we will go;
(A2) Mississippi, Mississippi, in our boat we go, go, go!
(B1) One, two, three four, five, let’s go,
(B2)One, two, three, four, five, lets row, 
(A2) Mississippi, Mississippi, in our boat we go, go, go!
(A1) Lightly row, lightly row, gently down the stream we go,
(A2) Birds are singing while they’re winging, on their way and to and fro.
(B1) See the fluffy clouds up there, 
(B2) Building castles in the air.
(A1) Birds are singing while they’re winging, on their way and to and fro!   
Or - some students love this one!
(A1) Hey there mouse, in your house, better stay there in your house!
(A2) Hey there mousie, in your housie, someone’s waiting there for you!
(B1) Pretty kitty loves you so, 
(B2) Thinks you’re just so tasty - oh!
(A2) Hey there mousie, in your housie, someone’s waiting there for you! 
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Pianist age 6 plays "This is not Jingle Bells" and "Row, Row, Row your Boat"

Well, it does sound at first like it’s going to be Jingle Bells - but then it changes its mind! Can you identify the other tune? And does it come in the right order, or….? 
That first one could be confusing to try and sing along with, but Row, Row, Row Your Boat is pretty straightforward, and you can feel the lilting triple time in “Mer-ri-ly, mer-ri-ly…”, as if you’re on the water.
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream;
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily –
Life is but a dream!
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Tuesday, May 05 2020 00:00

Day 22: Mary had a Little Lamb

Flutist age 6 plays Mary had a Little Lamb

“Mary had a Little Lamb” is one of the simplest pieces for beginners on pretty much any instrument. It uses only three notes in a simple up and down pattern – and pretty much everyone knows the words!
Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb –
Mary had a little lamb; fleece was as white as snow. 
We’ll add this same piece on other instruments later, so you can compare their sound directly.
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Wednesday, April 22 2020 00:00

Day 13: Cuckoo

Pianist age 6 plays "Cuckoo"

This easy piano piece from the Suzuki Piano Program is based on a German folk song, but we gave it English words to help students learn it.

Cuckoo, cuckoo sings from the forest.Cuckoo, cuckoo sings from the tree.

Let us be singing, let us be dancing,Cuckoo, cuckoo, springtime is here! 


Cuckoo, Cuckoo, high in the treetops,Cuckoo, Cuckoo, sing me a song.

Sing in the morning, sing in the evening.Cuckoo, Cuckoo, I’ll sing along!

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