Private Lessons 

Lessons are available on-site at our building at 304 Boston Post Road, on-screen through our dedicated Zoom platform, or a through a hybrid model. Our dedicated faculty team is committed to optimizing your lesson experience in any format.

We offer two alternatives for private lessons: the "traditional" approach starting at age 4.5 and up, and the Suzuki program starting at age 2.9 and up. Check here for information on our Suzuki program, and a comparison of the two approaches.

Private instrument lessons are the cornerstone of music study. Our experienced and inspiring instrument teachers will guide you or your child right from the start on the journey to musical mastery - and will also show you how to help your child at home.

"Fit" is important: we take care to match each student with the right teacher for his or her personality and learning style, so we always offer a free introductory lesson with any teacher(s) of your choice. Please contact us to set up your free introductory lesson(s).

We currently offer private lessons in piano, all strings (including guitar), all brass, flute, and voice. Private lessons can be complemented with music theory and or chamber music (small ensemble), if desired.

Private lesson students have opportunities to "give back" by performing in the community. We also work with students on their school orchestra and youth orchestra music, helping them to become confident ensemble members and achieve audition success.

Parents are always welcome at private lessons, but are not required to be there. Please note that due to the current health crisis, we are able to accommodate only the student and a parent in the physical facility (plus a sibling if  taking back-to-back lessons).

Contact us to arrange your free online introductory lesson with the teacher(s) of your choice.

Private lesson rates, 2022-23

30 minutes: $51   45 minutes: $72.25  60 minutes: $93.50

(Advanced students desiring a more intensive course of study may opt for a longer lesson. 75 minutes: $114.75   90 minutes: $136)

Annual registration: $30 student/$40 family 

Private lesson sibling discount: 2nd child in same family: 10% discount; 3rd and subsequent child in same family: 15% discount.

Semester dates: Private lesson run by semesters (half a school year). 

Fall semester: Sept 6th 2022 - Jan 29th 2023; Spring semster: Jan 30th 2022 - June 16th 2022. 

The number of lessons per semester is 16-19, depending on your lesson day and how the calendar falls (number of holidays etc.). Lesson fees are pro-rated per the number of weeks for your day and teacher. Teacher-specific calendars will be provided to all students. 

New students may start at any time in the semester, and will be pro-rated for the number of lessons remaining in the semester at enrollment (after their free try-out lesson).

Not sure if your child is ready for private lessons yet? Please read on.

(Please note: The FAQ sheet below applies to "traditional" private lessons. However, our Suzuki program caters to children as young as 3, and is developmentally targeted to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How old should my child be to start traditional private instrument lessons?

It depends on the child’s readiness. We have started some children as young as 4.5 in traditional private lessons, on a case–by–case basis. Other children are not ready until 5 or 6. Almost all children are ready by 7. (But children can start with Suzuki method as young as 3 - see here.)

How do I know if my child is ready for private instrument lessons?

Your child is probably ready if s/he:

  • is able to focus on an activity that s/he enjoys for 10-15 minutes.
  • enjoys listening or moving to music of some kind.
  • may have expressed interest in a particular instrument more than once.
  • has age-appropriate fine motor skills, or for a 4-5 year old, above average fine motor skills.
  • has some tolerance for frustration, and the willingness to try new things that may seem difficult the first few times.

If I'm still not sure after reading the above, what should I do?

Contact us to set up a free introductory lesson! We will meet with you and your child to try out some simple preparatory activities and an introduction to the instrument. Based on that meeting, we will decide together which would be the appropriate option at this time: private lessons, Suzuki private lessons, or one of our young children’s classes.

Can we sign up on a trial basis?

We always ask new students (of any age or level) to come and have a free introductory lesson before committing, not only to check for readiness but also to make sure there is a good "fit” with the teacher. If at that point all (student, parent and teacher) agree that this an appropriate placement, we then ask for a semester commitment (pro-rated for students joining after the beginning of the semester).

This is because we know that new students (even adults!) can sometimes become a little discouraged once the novelty of a new instrument - or new teacher - has worn off. With the semester commitment, we can help students through that period very successfully. By the end of their first semester with us they are very proud of their achievements and eager to continue. There are very few students who quit at that point!